28 January 2016

Ten adventurous years in the history of SLAM & HOWIE and the reserve men. No kidding, in 2016 we celebrate the 10th anniversary already.
There will be an evening of joy, party and lots of music on April 15th in the Mühle Hunziken, Rubigen (SUI).
A complete new setlist is waiting for you, new songs, lost songs, unplayed songs, it's all gonna be in there. But there's more to come; we wrote a few anniversary songs and we're gonna shoot an outstanding videoclip.

A new Reserve Man entered the ship. He's as young as he looks but already got lot of style and damn solid drumbeats. Welcome on board Willie the kid!

So that's about it. No more talking, see you on the road.
For further informations check our concert list.

Ride on
Lt Slam


22. November 2015

After pretty much exactly 4 years and 231 shows together we sadly have to announce that Bennet Young (drums) will be leaving the band. He found his new passion and will continue his professional life as a farmer.

Those 4 years will stay in everybody’s best memory. His passionate style of drumming and his sense of humor will be missed. He wasn’t only an awesome drummer, but also a man with depth and visions.
To replace the drums with a tractor sure has style, may the potatoes grow endlessly!
We as a band will miss him big times and wish him only the best for his future.

Bennet Young will play two farewell shows with us:
28 November at Les Caves, Biel/Bienne
4 December at Brauichäuer in Langenthal

We’d love to see you at one of these shows!
Lt Slam, Ross the red, Mr Drake, Boris the spider


15. SEPTEMBER 2014

On Friday, 19th of September we're gonna release our new live record "LIVE ALL OVER EUROPE". That means 20 songs, recorded in 17 different clubs in 7 european countries. We're happy and proud to have our own live record. Because live shows are what we like the most!

Order the record through our webshop, visit your local record-store or just download it on iTunes.

But no... more news to come!
We shot a video-clip for "Wanna be on the road again". It's a killer clip done by the almighty Steve Diener from AfroX-Film. Enjoy!!

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Lt SLAM & his cowboys from hell


08. SEPTEMBER 2014

Three more weeks to go and we’re ready for SPAIN. It’s good to be back down south and we’ve got the brand new live record „Live All Over Europe“ right in our merch booth!
Howie’s back problem is almost history but he won’t be fit enough to spend hours and hours in the tour van, neither sleep on shitty mattresses nor to carry heavy tube amps and guitars. But we won’t tour without a decent mandolin player, that’s why we bring you „Boris the spider“. He toured with us for the last four months and fits in perfectly, you’ll see!
Physical health is our most precious good, therefore Howie (aka Didi Meier) decided to leave the band. Slow down and take it easy is the name of the game. It’s been a great time, we rocked hundreds of towns and had a lot of fun. We’re gonna miss him; all the best for the future!
We'll share the stage with him for two last comeback-shows: CD-Releaseparty at Kofmehl, Solothurn (24.10) and the Country Club Sense anniversary show (08.11.).
SLAM & HOWIE and the reserve men will ride on and on, bound to carry the burden of neverending touring. We’ll see you on the road, still as a five-piece band and still with a mandolin- and guitarplayer. More on this later.

Lt SLAM & his cowboys from hell


06 JULY 2014

The last few weeks were quite busy. Since one month HOWIE is suffering from strong back-pain (herniated disk). Until the very last moment we hoped for his recovery. Unfortunately it didn't happen and until further notice HOWIE will not be able to share the stage with us.
We wish him all the best and get well soon.
Last minute we found a great replacment in Mr. "Boris the spider". He plays the mandolin faster than the wind and his beard is gigantic.
Exactly what we need!

Lt SLAM & his cowboys from hell


30 APRIL 2014

Check it out

SLAM & HOWIE... always on the run and no time to update the website :-).

Between January and March we played 26 shows all over tiny Switzerland. That's quite a lot for such a small country and we had such a good time. "Nothing but a good time"-Tour was the name of the game and we played on world's smallest stage, in caves, in the snow and even at the Dead End.

In April we played another tour through Germany, Sweden and Belgium. We've never been to Sweden - to country of endless drinkin' - so we took the opportunity and shot a live clip for the long time classic COWBOY SONG. Skål.

By the way... the live-dates section has been updated.

Let it burn
Lt SLAM & his cowboys from hell


22. September 2013


On our spring-tour through Spain, we spent one day in the studio. It was a funny afternoon and we played two songs from our recent record while we got shot by many cameras!
It was quite an experience to work in a spanish studio for the first time. Things work out a bit different than in well-organized Switzerland :-). But in the end, the result was perfect and we had such a good time!

Muchas Gracias amigos!

Keep it wild
Lt SLAM & his cowboys from hell


18. July 2013

Dear fans

We've got a brandnew live clip for ya. It's been shot and recorded on March 15th 2013 at the legendary Muehle Hunziken in good ol' Switzerland. What an epic night!!

Keep it wild
Lt SLAM & his cowboys from hell


27. May 2013 New live clips

Howdy boyz 'n' gals

After a few month of pure silence it's time to keep you updated.
We spent two perfect weeks in Spain. Was great to be back in this wonderful country to play a dozen of shows and burn 6000 cilometers on the highways. Thank you all for showin' up at the shows and made us feel very welcome!

Besides guitars and amplifiers we brought along three little video-cams. We hope you'll like the two brand new live clips. "Wakin' up" from the RENEGADE record and the all time favourite Rolling Stones songs "Dead Flowers". In Madrid after a few beers we decided spontaneously to play this song.

After album-release and extending touring we'll recharge our batteries until end of June. Then we'll be back on track to play shows in Switzerland, Belgium, Germany and Italy.

Keep it wild
Lt SLAM & his cowboys from hell


28. December 2012 Sons Of Ancient Times

Hi there

We just made a short prelisten-clip for the brandnew record Sons Of Ancient Times.
Hopefully you guys will like it as much as we do.

Release date will be 8th of February 2013 and the release party will happen one day later in Solothurn, Switzerland at the beautiful Kofmehl Club (9 February). Be there!

Thank you all for your enduring support and see you in 2013.

Ride on
Lt Slam & his cowboys from hell



11. Juni 2012 Back on track

The last months were a pretty rough time. After six years with no changes within the band, two boys left the band. But now we're back on track and we already played a couple of shows with SLAM & HOWIE Mark II.
It feels great and lots of fresh energy joined the gang. We're ready for the next six years of Bastard Country Trash!

Ringo as senior-reserve man with five years on duty will become the new HOWIE. In the past he and Lt SLAM wrote all the songs so he's the man.

From left to right: Howie, Ross the Red, Bennet Young, Lt Slam, Mr. Drake

During our mini-tour in Czech Republic we shot a new clip for the track "Mountain King".
Our soundguy Steve did all the shooting, directing and editing. He's a true hero. Cheers!

New merch available !!

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Lt Slam & his cowboys from hell